Saturday, November 26, 2016

Finimize Resources On Finance

I found this gem of a website called finimize that tries to teach basic financial knowledge to people who may not already be well informed on finance.

Here's their explanation of Quantitative Easing:
Quantitative Easing (“QE”) is when a central bank directly buys its government bonds. The idea is that it’s enacted when a central bank’s target interest rate has already been cut close to zero. By directly buying government bonds, it decreases the yield those bonds pay (because when the price of a bond increases, its yield declines – see below). Many types of loans are based, directly or indirectly, on the yield of government bonds and so by depressing those yields, the central bank makes it cheaper for companies and people to borrow money than a low target interest rate would do on its own – and it’s hoped that the borrowed money will used to do things that boost the economy (like buying machinery or hiring workers).
 Now compare that with Wikipedia's explanation, which kind of starts to make sense after you've read the Finimize explanation.

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